An Indo-Asia-Pacific maritime domain where the established and enduring international framework of norms, standards, rules, and laws is preserved.


To advance Indo-Asia-Pacific regional maritime security and enhance stability in support of Commander, U.S. Pacific Command by being where it matters, when it matters, with what matters to decisively prevail in all contingencies from war to peace.

Guiding Principles

In executing our mission, U.S. Pacific Fleet forces at all levels and ranks will plan, operate, and assess their activities in a manner that is:

Thoughtful…rather than rash
Consistent…rather than erratic
Firm…rather than rigid
Patient…rather than impulsive

Commander’s Intent

We focus and align our efforts to:

  1. Preserve a resilient workforce: Proactively value our military and civilian Sailors and their families by demanding behavior that reflects our values of honor, courage, and commitment and rejecting behaviors that place individuals at risk or treat them with anything less than dignity and respect.
  2. Be ready to fight: Man, train, equip, and maintain the Fleet to support maritime and joint operations.
  3. Reinforce the international order: Advance and strengthen the network of regional naval forces committed to supporting international law and ensuring a stable maritime domain.
  4. Lead credibly: Clearly convey intent and resolve through thoughtful and consistent words and actions.
  5. Embrace opportunity: Enhance capabilities through new tactics and operational concepts — leveraging Sailor intellect always, and technology where sensible.
  6. Project power: Pursue Full-Spectrum Superiority by posturing forward physically and mentally to deliver effects not just ‘from the sea’ but also ‘to the sea’ from all domains — the sea, the shore, the air, space, and cyberspace.


Focusing our efforts in these ways will ensure that:

  • USPACFLT forces are positioned and postured to respond to crises, operating confidently across the region.
  • USPACFLT operates together with other components, allies, partners, and friends in the maritime domain.
  • USPACFLT Sailors are empowered and incentivized to generate and implement innovative solutions to challenges.
  • USPACFLT forces are capable of defeating adversary naval forces.

17 July 17