Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet

Diversity Policy Statement

Our Nation, Navy and Fleet are stronger, better and more ready because of our diversity. To derive the most from that diversity, every individual must be empowered to reach his or her full potential. That empowerment today is unleashed by involved, thoughtful, proactive and enlightened leaders. Future empowerment is culitvated by that same leadership and mentorship and an active commitment to attracting and recruiting the very best.

As the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, I will lead diversity initiatives in the Fleet. I challenge all who serve to do the same through leadership, mentorship, service and example. Our involved, proactive leadership will create and enable an environment and a workforce that values uniqueness, different perspectives and talent.

We must not be locked in time. As leaders, we must anticipate and embrace the demographic changes of tomorrow, and build a Fleet that continues to reflect our Country's make up. We must lead in ways that will continue to draw men and women to service, to our Country, and to our Navy. The vast talent, diversity and experience of our citizens will continue to be our strength and will ensure our Navy's relevance and our Nation's security and prosperity.

Together, we will remain a global force for peace, and epitomize the ideals that make our Navy great and our Nation the best hope for freedom.


Admiral Robert F. Willard

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