Theodore Roosevelt, Omaha conduct first-of-kind refueling at sea

06 December 2019

From MC2 Pyoung Yi, USS Theodore Roosevelt

A recent at-sea refuleing in the Pacific was the first between an aircraft carrier and Independence-variant littoral combat ship.

PACIFIC OCEAN - The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) and the Independence-variant littoral combat ship USS Omaha (LCS 12) held an at-sea refueling, Dec. 2, a first between a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and Independence-variant LCS.

“Proving that we can do this evolution gives any operational fleet commander more ability to employ the unique capabilities of littoral combat ships,” said Cmdr. Edward Rosso, commanding officer of USS Montgomery’s (LCS 8) Blue Crew, which embarked on Omaha for the refueling.

Approximately 500 Sailors were involved in the refueling, which transferred 4,000 gallons of fuel in under two hours.

“It’s impressive to see both teams come together and seamlessly accomplish an aircraft carrier to LCS refueling,” said Capt. Brett Crozier, commanding officer of Theodore Roosevelt. “This evolution allows us to hone our proficiencies and ensure we’re able to support any Navy ship in the fleet.”

A fuel transfer at sea is known to be dangerous and there are challenges to overcome even in today's world of advanced technology and laser-accurate measurements.

“I think it comes down to teamwork,” said Lt. j.g. Clyde Adams, assistant first lieutenant of Theodore Roosevelt. “It wouldn’t be possible without teamwork from the bridge, teamwork from the engineers, from deck department on the fueling station, and the training everyone goes through, from our side and Omaha’s side.”

The ships’ crews used station-to-station radios, hand signals, signal paddles, and phone-and-distance lines to ensure the teams on both ships maintained proper communication throughout the event.

Theodore Roosevelt is underway conducting routine training in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

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