May 17, 2018

I am committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion is a top priority of the United States Pacific Fleet. Diversity and inclusion of our military and civilian force is integral to overall readiness and mission accomplishment.

I fully support and expect all levels of Pacific Fleet leadership to embrace the goals and objectives of Navy’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, which is centered on leadership commitment, outreach, retention, culture and inclusion. Leaders must promote a common understanding of this policy internally through career development and retention initiatives as well as externally by building long-standing relationships with affinity and community groups through outreach.

Diversity encompasses more than race and gender. It accepts differences in thought, backgrounds, and experiences. It is not about removing barriers for some. It is about creating opportunity for all, where each individual’s contribution is valued and respected. Inclusion is about valuing and integrating each individual’s differences into the way our organizations function and make decisions. Our collective capability for inclusion is distinctly linked to sustaining a Pacific Fleet culture that embraces innovation, diversity, and inclusion.

In order to apply the CNO’s Sailing Directions and tenets to consider warfighting first, operate forward, and be ready with an all-volunteer naval force, we must recruit, develop, and retain the best qualified and the brightest personnel. We must invest in the development of our people and ensure a strong culture through mentorship and sponsorship so that each individual is empowered to reach his or her full potential. Leadership must be aligned to follow through with action, allow an environment that encourages free-flow of ideas, promote trust in the organization, improve leadership cohesion, and advance organizational commitment. We must eliminate all behaviors that go against our core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

Our commitment to Navy Core Values and full utilization of our diverse talents enables us to be inclusive and effectively achieve our mission. Together, we must continue leveraging differences in the workforce to achieve better results, thereby, ensuring the Pacific Fleet remains a top career choice for the citizens we protect and serve.