SAN DIEGO (NNS) - Fleet Weather Center San Diego (FWCSD) officially stood up following an establishment ceremony held at Naval Air Station North Island, Calif., Nov. 5.

The new command combines three former commands, to include Strike Group Oceanography Team San Diego, Naval Maritime Forecast Center and Naval Aviation Forecasting Detachment San Diego, effectively relocating all maritime and aviation services to San Diego.

The combined weather center will aim to streamline operations and manpower efficiencies, as well as increase the footprint across the Pacific and Indian Oceans and the Persian Gulf.

"All the weather conditions are not as predictable as we like, so we have to rely on attuned eyes and keen observation," said Vice Adm. Richard W. Hunt, commander, U.S. 3rd Fleet. "This command is incredibly vital to the success of 3rd Fleet and throughout the Pacific."

The mission of FWCSD is to provide full-spectrum weather services to shore-based naval aviation, afloat naval units, naval installations, contingency exercises and operations to facilitate risk management, recourse protection and mission success to fleet, regional and individual unit commanders.

FWCSD also mans, trains and equips deployable teams providing timely and relevant meteorological and oceanographic services in direct support of carrier and expeditionary group decision superiority and mission success.

"Our mission is to enable fleet safety and mission success by ensuring no surprises for the Navy due to the weather on our watch," said Capt. James Monroe, commanding officer, FWCSD.

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