PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii - Friends and family boarded the Los Angeles-class submarine USS Cheyenne (SSN 773) for a trip from Pearl Harbor to Maui, Nov. 19.

Once onboard Cheyenne, the 21 cruise participants received a warm welcome and began to learn about life aboard the submarine. Shortly after Cheyenne departed, cruise participants were briefed on general safety procedures for the submarine and received a basic overview covering the mission and history of Cheyenne.

“Dependents cruises provide an excellent opportunity for families of Sailors to share the experience of being underway on a Navy vessel and to get a better understanding of naval operations,” said Cmdr. Gary Rogeness, commanding officer, USS Cheyenne. “It is important for the visitors to come aboard and witness first-hand what they are supporting.”

Throughout the day the visitors were challenged to accomplish numerous tasks such as observing the sea from the periscope, enjoying a meal on the mess decks and observing submarine operations from the control center, all which will familiarize them with what a submariner experiences on a daily basis. The day’s events included a Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) check-off card for visitors to complete in order to maximize their learning opportunities.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to be able to experience all of these fascinating things,” said Piluani Kline, girlfriend of Electronics Technician 2nd Class (SS) Brandon Seay. “Up until now, I never realized all the advanced technology this submarine has and actually have the chance try some out in real life.”       The crew demonstrated various submarine maneuvers including “angles and dangles” which test the integrity of the submarine’s interior safety by making sure everything is tied down and secure. They also witnessed the notional firing of a torpedo which allowed the guests to hear and feel the effects of the firing blast. At the conclusion of the cruise, participants who completed their Honorary Submariner PQS card were recognized during an awards ceremony. Awardees received certificates presented to them by Master Chief Electronics Technician (SS) Henry Lapoint, Cheyenne chief of the boat, and a photo of themselves on the cruise in remembrance of their visit aboard Cheyenne.