SEPANGAR, Malaysia (Feb. 3, 2011) - Sailors assigned to the submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40) and Los Angeles class fast attack submarine USS Houston (SSN 713) welcomed admirals of the Royal Malaysian Navy while in port.

First Adm. Anuwi, Commander of Naval Region 2, and First Adm. Rosland, Commander Royal Malaysian Navy Submarine Command, were both honored by side boys as they came aboard Cable.  Anuwi, Rosland and several other Malaysian officers were then personally escorted by Cable’s commanding officer, Capt. Thomas Stanley, and Cable’s executive officer, Cdr. Bruce Deshotel, to the ship's wardroom.

Lt. Cdr. Shadrick Williams, acting repair officer of Cable, was present, along with Cable officers, as servicemembers from both organizations dined together and chatted about the similarities and differences of the two navies.

“One of the biggest things to remember is that no matter what country we’re in, we’re all in the armed services, so that’s a common thread,” said Williams. “Each country does not do things the exact same way. But you learn in talking with people of the armed services in other countries, that there are a lot of similarities.”

After the lunch, the Malaysian officers toured the ship’s bridge, where Stanley talked about restorations, Military Sealift Command (MSC) integration, and Cable’s onboard repair facilities. The men were shown the ship’s periscope repair shop, dive chamber, and carpenter, sheet metal, pipe and machine shops where all work integral to submarine repair and service takes place.  The Malaysian officers were then escorted through the Houston, which was moored alongside the Cable.

Williams also stated that another reason behind the port visit was crew morale.  After having spent a weekend seeing the sites in a foreign port for the first time in over a year, quite a few Sailors volunteered their time to meet with their fellow Malaysian sailors at a lunch held for all enlisted personnel.

Cable's Command Master Chief Peter Kosloski attended the event and mingled with his own Sailors, as well as those from Malaysia’s Navy.  Kosloski said that it was a great opportunity for building a strong relationship with a foreign country and talk about common ideas.

“They have the exact same concerns that we have,” said Kosloski.  “They love their country, they love their family.  They want to provide for their families, they want to do what’s right for their country.  They want to do something that is honorable, and that’s why they chose to be Malaysian sailors.  That’s a lot of the reasons why our young people choose to be American Sailors.”

Cable conducts maintenance and support of submarines and surface vessels deployed in the U.S. 7th Fleet Area of Responsibility.