JAKARTA, Indonesia (Feb. 22, 2011) Seaman Awini, assigned to USS Reuben James (FFG 57), competes in a soccer match against the Tentara National Indonesia (TNI) Navy soccer team. (Official U.S. Navy photo)

JAKARTA, Indonesia - The guided-missile frigate USS Reuben James (FFG 57) competed against Tentara National Indonesia (TNI) Navy personnel in a game of soccer and volleyball Feb. 22.

Lt. Anthony Pangjogie, Reuben James’ operations officer and soccer coach, said athletic competitions are a great way to develop international relations and strengthen the bonds that exist between partner countries.

“Getting to play a soccer game against the TNI Navy is great,” Pangjogie said. “It’s a wonderful way for us to build positive relations and the friendly competition is enjoyed by everyone involved.”

The athletic teams from Reuben James play in matches and tournaments against other countries from time-to-time during a port visit.

In the past year, Reuben James soccer team played games against teams from East Timor, Australia, France, Japan, and Republic of Korea.