Command Master Chief Jason Knupp speaks during a combined U.S. and Republic of Korea chief petty officer training symposium, Oct. 6. (U.S. Navy/MC1 Abraham Essenmacher)

CHINHAE, Republic of Korea - Chief Petty Officers from the U.S. and Republic of Korea (ROK) navies teamed up to conduct the first Chief Petty Officer Training Symposium in Chinhae, Oct. 5-7.

During the three-day event, the combined chief's mess discussed different leadership principles, shared personal experiences and examples on ways each chief can improve their communication skills.

"This has been an absolute great opportunity for both navies to learn from each other," said Command Master Chief (CMDCM) Jason Knupp, chief petty officer training lead assigned to the U.S. Pacific Fleet staff. "The ROK navy has such a rich history and we are honored to learn from each other."

The symposium, comprised of 60 U.S. and ROK chief petty officers, also featured discussions centered on how enlisted leaders can help improve the quality of life of their Sailors.

"This [symposium] has served as a great reminder that leadership is 'action' required of our positions," said ROK Naval Academy command master chief Ko, Young-Soo.

ROK Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Kim Cheon-Yong said the symposium is a testament to the strong U.S. and ROK alliance.

"Our quantity of leadership education has grown over the years and the U.S. Navy is helping us improve the quality of our leadership training," said Kim.

"Many of the things discussed during this training we have experienced in our own Navy" said Commander, Naval Forces Korea CDMCM Jim Honea. "I would like see the ROK Navy forge ahead with some of what we have learned here together and successfully navigate through their own challenges."

Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea is the regional commander for the U.S. Navy in the Republic of Korea and provides expertise on naval matters to area military commanders, including the Commander for the United Nations Command, the Combined Forces Command, and Commander, U.S. Forces Korea.