Johnson enlisted in the Navy in 1999 and has enjoyed a distinguished naval career that has afforded him opportunities throughout the country. In April 2009, a fall down a flight of stairs led to Johnson’s diagnosis of Stage III brain cancer. After surgery, he lost the use of his right leg and arm, and initially he needed a wheelchair to get around. At Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Johnson recovered by leaps and bounds and regained the ability to walk. He currently is leveraging his relationships with the United Services Organization and Operation Comfort to encourage other wounded warriors to make sports part of their recovery efforts. Likewise, he is encouraging his younger brother—who recently was diagnosed with cancer—to embrace athletics in his journey to get well. Recently retired, Johnson says, “I am looking forward to the new challenges that I am going to overcome in civilian life. I plan to continue to push my limits and never settle for just ‘OK.’”

Photo of Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

Retired Navy Aviation Structural Mechanic 1st Class

Age: 36

Current Command/Position: Retired

Current Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Disability: Brain tumor, diagnosed April 2009