Anderson joined the Navy in 2007. He always had been interested in the medical profession, but achieving the necessary educational degrees would be time-consuming and expensive. Becoming a Navy Hospital Corpsman seemed like an ideal course of action. Anderson was injured during his first deployment; he was on patrol with Marines in Afghanistan when he sustained gunshot wounds to his right arm and thigh. He talked his comrades through his care while waiting to be evacuated by a helicopter. He feels fortunate to have survived the incident and credits it for changing his outlook on life. Anderson says, “I live life for what it is and to the fullest. Because whether [my attacker] lost his life that day… I didn’t lose mine. And that was his original intent, so I’m already winning. And that just keeps me motivated.”

Photo of Angelo Anderson

Angelo Anderson

Navy Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class

Age: 23

Current Command/Position: Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

Current Hometown: Portsmouth, Va.

Disability: Upper and lower extremity injuries, sustained in combat operations July 2010