Griffith enlisted in the Navy, hoping to one day fly jets. He studied and trained to be an Aviation Machinist’s Mate to learn more about aircrafts, and, though his interests shifted with time, he enjoyed much of his service in the Navy. He loved the travel – he never was in one place for more than six weeks – and all the great people he met. He was diagnosed with leukemia June 2010; as he began treatment, he experienced significant weight loss. Once 190 pounds, Griffith quickly dropped to 120, and it was difficult to watch his body deteriorating in the mirror each day – especially because he was a dedicated athlete who enjoyed working out. However, his condition improved with a bone-marrow transplant in late October 2010. His recovery is going well, and he now is in remission. Griffith very recently retired from the Navy, and, though he has a few scars, his body is nearly back to what it was before his diagnosis. He is attending community college and intends to transfer to the University of Colorado in the future.

Photo of Brandon Griffith

Brandon Griffith

Retired Navy Aviation Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class

Age: 28

Current Command/Position: Student

Current Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colo.

Disability: Leukemia, diagnosed June 2010