Frith joined the Navy in 1993. Though he has been deployed to theatre multiple times, he found his last deployment to Iraq as an Individual Augmentee in 2010 and 2011 his most challenging. Shortly after returning home, PTSD symptoms began to surface, and he soon began treatment. He now provides non-medical support to other wounded warriors as a NWW Non-medical Care Manager at Naval Hospital Jacksonville. Last year, he acquired a PTSD service dog, Gunner, who has been critical to his recovery and has blended extremely well with the Frith family. Frith, who enjoys soccer, is looking forward to participating in the Wounded Warrior Pacific Trials, and he says adaptive athletics are a great way to improve wounded warriors’ morale.

Photo of Chet Frith

Chet Frith

Navy Lieutenant

Age: 36

Current Command/Position: NWW Non-medical Care Manager

Current Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla.

Disability: PTSD, sustained in combat operations