Peters’ goal is to prove to himself and to other visually impaired people that sports and competition can still be a part of their lives. In high school he was an avid athlete, participating in basketball and football. Today he continues to play his favorite sports, and he is always willing to try something new, such as fencing, scuba diving and Beep Baseball. Moving forward is not about looking back with regret, it is about finding new ways to do things you love doing and pushing boundaries by trying new things you would have not thought possible. When Peters realized the blindness was permanent, he didn’t ask, “Why me?” but instead he asked of himself, “How do I move forward?”

Photo of Roy “Daniel” Peters

Daniel Peters

Retired Navy Builder Constructionman

Age: 28

Current Command/Position: Retired

Current Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

Disability: Blindness from brain tumor surgery December 2007