Tarqueno grew up in Tinley Park, Illinois. She joined the Navy in 2002, because she loved the idea of adventure and she wanted to do something different. She has served ten years aboard three different ships as a Gunner’s Mate. She worked on shore at the Center for Security Forces as an instructor of small arms and machine guns. It was aboard her last ship USS Port Royal “CG 73” that she was struck in the head with a 30 pound steel brace that was thrown from the deck above her while underway supporting Operation New Dawn. She suffered a TBI, and continues her recovery. She was appointed to chief petty officer this year.

Photo of Jeanette Tarqueno

Jeanette Tarqueno

Navy Chief Gunner’s Mate

Age: 29

Current Command/Position: Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific

Current Hometown: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Disability: TBI, sustained in a shipboard accident December 2011