Dusseau has been athletic his whole life. He grew up playing football, wrestling and boxing, and he had great success with karate. He joined the Navy in 1998 because he wanted to serve his country and do something special. He loved the aviation community, and he served in Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA-146) and Patrol Squadron 26 (VP-26). From the sleepy family town of Brunswick, Maine, he enjoyed traveling around the world as well as training future Sailors. It was on Dusseau’s shore tour at Navy Recruiting District Michigan that he was diagnosed with cancer. After a vigorous chemotherapy regimen, his cancer finally has gone into remission. He has a wife and four beautiful daughters. His goals are to get healthy, stay on active duty and to make Chief. “Through the long and lonely battle with cancer,” he says, “doing adaptive athletics has given me a bright spot to look forward to.”

Photo of John Dusseau

John Dusseau

Navy Aviation Structural Mechanic 1st Class

Age: 36

Current Command/Position: Navy Recruiting District Michigan

Current Hometown: Holland, Mich.

Disability: Cancer, diagnosed in 2011