Rosenberg joined the Navy because he felt a sense of duty; he had always known he would serve his country. While taking a college history course that afforded him an opportunity to interact frequently with World War II veterans, Rosenberg quickly became anxious to enlist and “do [his] part.” In 2007, Rosenberg’s appendix ruptured, but the condition was not diagnosed for two weeks; as a result, he experienced septic shock and sustained severe abdominal damage. In 2010, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, which requires ongoing treatment and makes it difficult for him to remain as active as he would like. In anticipation of his separation from the Navy, Rosenberg secured an internship through Operation Warfighter, which became a civilian position upon his retirement in April 2010. Rosenberg recently bought a home, and he is enjoying participating in adaptive athletics.

Photo of Joshua Rosenberg

Joshua Rosenberg

Retired Navy Electrician’s Mate 2nd Class

Age: 33

Current Command/Position: Retired

Current Hometown: Alexandria, Va.

Disability: Crohn’s disease, diagnosed in 2010