Simpson wears many hats; she is a wife, mother, Navy reservist, volunteer, politician, athlete and a wounded warrior. No stranger to challenges, she is married to a Kitsap County Sherriff’s deputy who spent five years away from home serving in Iraq. In his absence, she was the sole caregiver to her two high-functioning autistic children, both of whom are thriving as a result of her and her husband’s dedication. In 2010, she decided to run for state representative, and, though she lost the race, she became fast friends with her opponent on the campaign trail. Last year, while traveling to Naval Magazine Indian Island in preparation for drills, she was struck on her motorcycle. As a result of the accident, her left leg was amputated above the knee, and she continues to undergo extensive rehabilitation to regain full functionality. Adaptive athletics is a critical component of her recovery efforts, and she takes yoga classes twice a week. She also has returned to work at the Naval Avenue Boys and Girls Club, where she helps children with their homework.

Photo of Linda Simpson

Linda Simpson

Navy Mineman 1st Class

Age: 48

Current Command/Position: Campaigning for public office; Works at Naval Avenue Boys and Girls Club

Current Hometown: Kitsap, Wash.

Disability: Above-the-knee amputee “left leg”, wounded in traffic accident in 2011