Raised in a family with a long military history, DeWalt enlisted in the Navy after high-school graduation. He began basic training exactly 17 years to the day his father began training with the Army when he was DeWalt’s age. After completing his training and education, DeWalt was stationed at Naval Weapons Station in Earle, N.J., where he worked in harbor security, base patrol, and Anti-Terrorism Force Protection. In 2007, while DeWalt was in Brooklyn, N.Y., he rendered aid to a civilian struck by a car, ultimately earning a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. In 2008, DeWalt was struck by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle, and his spinal cord was severed at the T3 vertebra. An avid athlete all his life, DeWalt was inspired during physical therapy to return to the gym and participate in adaptive athletics.

Photo of Nathan DeWalt

Nathan DeWalt

Retired Navy Master-at-Arms 3rd Class

Age: 24

Current Command/Position: Pursuing a career in professional sports

Current Hometown: Woodstock, Md.

Disability: Spinal cord injury, sustained in a motorcycle accident July 2008