Lemerande grew up in Michigan, and he joined the Navy after high school. Because of his interest in the medical field and a family member serving as a medic in the Air Force, he decided to enlist as a Navy Corpsman. Lemerande has been on two deployments during his naval career; it was during his second deployment that his Humvee was struck by a pressure plate anti—tank mine. Lemerande’s injuries haven’t slowed him down. He remained on active duty where he worked as Assistant Lead Petty Officer mentoring junior Sailors and maintaining medical readiness of Marines and Sailors assigned in his unit. Now retired, he is attending school to become a nurse.

Photo of Sonny Lemerande

Sonny Lemerande

Retired Navy Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class

Age: 29

Current Command/Position: Student

Current Hometown: Twentynine Palms, Calif.

Disability: Lower-body injury and PTSD, sustained in combat operations in 2009