Kraynack has been athletic all his life and ran competitively from middle school through college; his favorite track and field event is the 800—meter race. He also previously worked as an exercise physiologist before attending physician assistant (PA) school. After earning his PA degree, he joined the Navy because he had a desire to serve and the Navy provides great career opportunities. He had a seizure December 2011 and also suffers from some lower-body impairment. He currently works at the pediatrics clinic at Naval Hospital Bremerton, he plans to remain on active duty. He is married with an eight-year-old son, and he is looking forward to his first adaptive athletics experience.

Photo of Timothy Kraynack

Timothy Kraynack

Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade

Age: 34

Current Command/Position: Naval Hospital Bremerton

Current Hometown: Bremerton, Wash.

Disability: Lower-body impairment, suffered a seizure December 2011