Crites joined the Navy to serve his country, but, more importantly, to serve Marines. He was working at a doctor’s office in a rural area when his brother joined the Marine Corps and he thought that if anyone needed and deserved the best care in the world, it was Marines. In 2006, while deployed to Iraq, Crites was wounded in Al Anbar Province. He was exposed to eight improvised explosive device (IED) and mortar blasts and fell from a vehicle onto a concrete curb. He became involved in adaptive athletics in July of this year, and he is enjoying getting active again.

Photo of Zachery Crites

Zachery Crites

Retired Navy Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class

Age: 28

Current Command/Position: Firefighter

Current Hometown: Bealeton, Va.

Disability: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)/PTSD, sustained in combat operations in 2006