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USS Greeneville (SSN 772) incident

Civilian embarks aboard
U.S. Pacific Fleet ships

SSBN Embarks: 26SSBN Guests:785
SSN Embarks: 28SSN Guests:367
Carrier Embarks: 108Carrier Guests:2,155
Surface Ship Embarks: 71Surface Ship Guests:8,133
Total Embarks: 233 Total Guests: 11,440
* In 1999 the average SSN embark was 13 guests and average SSBN embark was 30 guests.

SSBN Embarks: 29 SSBN Guests: 980
SSN Embarks: 21 SSN Guests: 307
Carrier Embarks: 74 Carrier Guests: 1,478
Surface Ship Embarks: 34 Surface Ship Guests: 5,071
Total Embarks: 158 Total Guests: 7,836
* In 2000 the average SSN embark was 15 guests and average SSBN embark was 34 guests.

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