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USS Greeneville (SSN 772) incident

Description of Submarine Test and Trial Area

U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs

The following information is provided in response to reporting about the location of USS Greeneville (SSN 772) in relation to an area designated on a navigation chart.

PEARL HARBOR (Feb. 15, 2001) -- The "Submarine Test and Trial Area" that is defined on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) chart 19AC019357 was established in 1963, but is no longer used for its original purpose.
> Click here to enlarge.NOAA chart 19AC019357 of "Submarine Test and Trial Area."
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The range was originally established for submarines coming out of an extended repair period at Pearl Harbor Shipyard to conduct their initial "deep dive." This range was also used to test torpedoes.

While this location is no longer used for tests or trial, submarines do periodically operate in or near this area. The marked area still serves as an advisory for vessels, but by no means are submarines restricted to operating only in this area.

The area was added to the chart by the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Officer by Notice to Mariners 45(5136)70.

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