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USS Greeneville (SSN 772) incident

(Remotely Operated Vehicle)
Fact Sheet

SUPER SCORPIO ROV is part of the Tethered Unmanned Work Vehicle System (TUWVS). TUWVS, designed for world-wide deployment, is operated by the Unmanned Vehicles Detachment of the Deep Submergence Unit based in Coronado, Calif. Weighing approximately 112,000 pounds, TUWVS can be deployed on a single USAF C-5 or on multiple smaller aircraft. TUWVS consists of the SUPER SCORPIO ROV, two equipment vans, a tether, winch and storage drum, and an A-frame.


Depth Limit:
    ·  5,000 feet
    ·  4,500 lbs
    ·  4x4x8 feet
Manipulator Arms:
    ·  Seven function
    ·  Hydraulically actuated
    ·  1,000 lbs gripping force
    ·  350 lbs lift capability at full extension
    ·  Two channels with full pan and tilt
    ·  Hi-resolution color for pilot
    ·  Low light black and white for co-pilot
    ·  Range of 2,000 feet
    ·  4 knots forward/aft
    ·  2 knots left/right
    ·  Four hydraulic thrusters with four degrees of freedom:
      ·  Yaw - rotate on axis to change heading
      ·  Sway - left/right maintaining heading
      ·  Heave - up/down maintaining heading
      ·  Surge - forward/backward

Equipment Vans

Maintenance van:
    ·  Self-contained maintenance center with required tools, test instruments, and spare parts. Also houses the power switching and conversion equipment, supplying all power required for vehicle operation.
Operations van:
    ·  Operate vehicle, systems and sensors, navigation/tracking, video recording and documentation and remote video.

Tether Winch and Storage Drum

Intrinsic hydraulic system:
    ·  Powers the A-frame and provides drum operating power and lifting force to launch and recover the vehicle.
Built-in automatic level wind:
    ·  Aids in tether management.


Allows launching and recovery of vehicle.

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