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USS Greeneville (SSN 772) incident

Greeneville repair update

Pacific Fleet Public Affairs

PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (March 9, 2001) -- USS Greeneville's hull, rudder, stern planes, shafting, propeller and associated systems have undergone detailed inspections and testing to determine damage from its Feb. 9 collision with Ehime Maru.

The submarine entered dry dock in the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility Feb. 20 to give engineers, inspectors and mechanics an opportunity to more fully determine its condition. It is scheduled to leave dry dock in early April.

No structural damage to any part of the submarine was found.

Some of the exterior coating on Greeneville's hull required replacement. Properly removing the old coating, preparing the hull, applying the new coating and allowing it to cure will take a few weeks.

The submarine's rudder was scarred, and some bolts designed to absorb shock in the rudder assembly performed as designed and required replacement.

There also was some cosmetic damage, such as scratches in the hull plating.

Inspectors employed a full complement of tests to definitively determine the extent of damage. Equipment also was operationally checked to fully verify its condition.

The cost for Greeneville's dry docking, inspection, testing, repair and work to its exterior coating was estimated at about $2 million.

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