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USS Greeneville (SSN 772) incident

Check-in procedures for Court of Inquiry coverage established

U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs

PEARL HARBOR (March 3, 2001) -- Check in for Court of Inquiry coverage is as follows:

Media will be required to check-in at the Personnel Support Detachment Media Center at 650 Center Drive.on Saturday, March 3, 1998 to obtain a pass and credentials.

A representative from the Court of Inquiry Public Affairs Staff will be present to assist you during check-in.

Business cards or names and phone numbers on organizational letterhead are highly encouraged in order to expedite the check-in process.

When: Television: 10 a.m.

Print and Radio: 11 a.m.

Personnel must register in person to receive media credentials. Each person must show identification and register to get their media credentials. Media badges must be worn at all times when in the media center or courtroom area.


Parking at the Personnel Support Detachment Media Center is extremely limited. Organizations are being accommodated as best we can based on their reporting schedule and earlier inputs. No additional space is available.

Media must make other arrangements to park at off-site parking for any additional vehicles, this can be discussed in greater detail Saturday.

Parking passes will be handed out at check-in. All parking will be assigned by space.

Any vehicles parking in an unauthorized areas will be towed. These arrangements are based on inputs we have received from various organizations on the number of vehicles they plan on using. The media must make off-site parking arrangements for any over overflow parking.

The Media Center Staff has contacted Aloha Stadium for parking and will discuss this with the senior media executives on Saturday. The media must organize themselves into one group in order to arrange parking.

A parking shuttle may also need to be arranged to get from offsite parking to the media center. In addition media organizations may wish to consider shuttling employees from their hotels via your own vans.

Additional information and answers to Thursday's logistical questions:

There is not enough parking available for everyone's private vehicle. Access to parking is being based upon information already received over the past week, Thursday's logistical meeting, and on the numbers of people and reporting schedule, since some media require more gear to perform their jobs.

Lt. Cmdr. Chris Dour will be your Point of Contact for all logistic support. Capt. Kevin Wensing will be the Point of Contact for any information about the Court of Inquiry or its proceedings.

The request for translations has been denied, translations will not be available, it is technically not feasible to arrange this due to the limited space availability. All proceedings will be in English only. Mr. Onisi's testimony, when he appears, will be translated in the courtroom into English.

At the Media Center Viewing Room two seats are being provided for court reporters. These seats will be next to the televisions in order for the reporters to make unofficial transcripts of the proceedings. The groundrules are that these will be annotated as "Unofficial" transcripts. The Associated Press (AP) has asked for one seat and the other will be held for a Japanese sponsored court reporter.

The seating in the Viewing Room is tight.

There will be three escorts along with three Navy representatives to answer questions. Each media organization will have two seats. The seats are arranged next to each other in order to allow seating for a translator, an expert or fellow reporter.

No cameras or tape recorders will be allowed inside the court room or the Media Center Viewing Room and only those with business should be in this room while the Court of Inquiry is in session. This is stated in the Judge Advocate General's Instruction (JAGMANIST 5830.1) as follows: "Neither the public or the media will make tape recording, video recording, photograph, broadcast or televise proceedings. A party may tape record proceedings only with the prior approval of the convening authority."

A single seat only is being allowed for a Courtroom Artist. The media must choose either one artist or alternate artists between the morning and afternoon sessions.

The drawing for the Media Pool Groups will be held at 1230, Saturday, March 3. There will be one name per media organization. Any media organization leaving Hawaii during the Court of Inquiry will forfeit their seats, however they will be eligible for any empty seats if they become available at a later date. The Court of Inquiry Media Pool Groups are Red, White and Blue. Each individual group will muster at either 6:45 a.m. or 12 p.m. for their appropriate court room session.

The media groups have been broken into the following groups:

Japanese television

US television

Japanese Newspapers

US Newspaper


Courtroom artist This allows for a few extra seats, which need to be retained for future use and to maintain the balance previously agreed upon. There is no additional space available. Additional media arriving after the start of the Saturday drawing will have to work off-site.

Availablility of attractive "stand up" for television broadcasting is slim to none. Media will have to work together in the few areas at the Media Center. There is no more space is available. Additional media organizations will need to work and park off site. They may drop off personnel to gather the latest information, which will also be posted on our web site daily.

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