Anchors in storage on vessel's deck

U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs

Sept. 25, 2001

Both Ehime Maru’s anchors have been cut and are being stored on the ship’s foc’sle.

The port and starboard anchor chains were cut and each anchor secured to Ehime Maru’s foc’sle on Sept. 24 and Sept. 16, respectively. The anchors were not immediately brought to the surface because continuing with dredging operations was a more efficient use of resources during this phase in the recovery effort. Additionally, the sea state raised safety concerns regarding recovering the anchor from 2,000 feet.

Both anchors are now safely stored on the foc’sle and will be retrieved as part of the recovery effort. It has yet to be determined when the anchors will be brought to the surface. Once retrieved, they will be turned over to the Japanese government, which has requested the anchors for memorials.

As information becomes available, updates will be posted to our web site. Rockwater 2 has completed dredging around the bow and is now using dredge pumps to remove sediment from Ehime Maru’s foc’sle. The next major milestone in the recovery operation will be rigging heavy lifting wires around the bow through the vessel’s hawse pipes in preparation for the initial lift to reposition Ehime Maru onto level ground. Once that is completed, it can be rigged to be transported to the shallow water recovery site.
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