Chihaya's mission in recovery operation expanded

U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs

Oct. 1, 2001

The mission of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Submarine Rescue Ship Chihaya in the Ehime Maru recovery operation has been expanded to assist in the survey of the deep-water recovery site (DWRS).

In this expanded role, JDS Chihaya will survey the ocean bottom near Ehime Maru's current location for visible items of interest. The search, location and inventory of items from Ehime Maru is the primary mission. JDS Chihaya will also, in coordination with the U.S. Navy, assist in the retrieval of items at the DWRS.

Using a Remotely Operated Vehicle and Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle, Chihaya has the ability to rapidly survey the deep-water site to speed the Ehime Maru recovery operation and avoid potential problems with unfavorable winter weather conditions.

Chihaya will still serve as a dive platform supporting the JMSDF divers. Divers from Chihaya will assist U.S. Navy divers after Ehime Maru is transported to the shallow water recovery site.
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