Divers locate and recover additional remains

U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs
Oct. 17, 2001

Navy divers located two sets of remains in Ehime Maru today and recovered one. Due to safety considerations for the divers and waning daylight, the divers ran out of time on the bottom before they could recover the second set of remains. The recovered remains are being sent to the City and County of Honolulu Medical Examiner for identification. The second set of remains will be recovered tomorrow when divers resume their work.

To date, three sets of remains have been located, of which two sets have been recovered. One crewmember has been positively identified.

The Ehime Maru was moved to the shallow water recovery site on Sunday, Oct. 14. Divers entered the water Monday afternoon, Oct. 15 and were able to recover the first remains on Tuesday.
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