Crowley Barge (CMC) 450-10 Fact Sheet

Information provided by the Crowley Maritime Corporation

CMC 450-10 is outfitted to work offshore in support of many different types of work. Barge has a large deck area that can be adapted to any application. Vessel is idea for loading out prior to going on work location. The following special features make the barge suitable for extended offshore service with limited support systems.

General Specifications:

Type of Vessel: Accommodation I Work Barge
Port of Registry: Majuro, Marshall Islands
Classification: American Bureau of Shipping +Al Accommodation Barge
Built: 1977 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Inc. Nagasaki, Japan
Modified: 1998 Accommodations Installed - Atlantic Marine Inc -Jacksonville, FL

Length: 115.35m 400 feet
Breadth: 30.48m 100 feet
Depth: 7.62m 25 feet
Draft: (max) 5.43 17-07" feet
Gross Tonnage: 8099 tons
Deadweight: 13,000 tons
Open Deck: 1660m (61.5rn x 27m)
Deck Load Rating: 10.5 tons sq/m, 2000 Ibs per sq/ft
Casing Racks:
5 Casing racks with hard wood lining
Total Width of all 5 racks: 84 feet x 8'06 height
Rack accepts 42' Casing
Drill Pipe Racks:
5 Drill pipe racks with hard wood lining
Total Width of all 5 racks: 42 feet x 8'06" height
Rack accepts 32' Pipe
Tank Capacity:
Fuel Oil: 5000 BBLs
Fresh Water: 9500 BBLs
Drill Water Ballast: 60,000 BBL's

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