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USS Greeneville (SSN 772) incident


Greeneville repair update
USS Greeneville has undergone detailed inspections and testing to determine damage from its Feb. 9 collision with Ehime Maru. The cost for Greeneville's dry docking, inspection, testing, repair and work to its exterior coating was estimated at about $2 million.
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>Navy Embarkation Instructions

>What is a "Court of Inquiry?"

>What is "Testimonial Immunity?"

>Court of Inquiry Fact Sheet

Mar 9-12 Media Events

Court of Inquiry schedule

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The morning of March 6, members of the Navy's Court of Inquiry enter USS Greeneville (SSN 772) in Drydock #1 at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility. (U.S. Navy photo.) Click image to enlarge. Click here for Hi-Rez JPG.

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Navy receives salvage information, recommendation expected March 12
The Naval Sea Systems Command announced today its Supervisor of Salvage and Diving (SEA 00C) received a briefing March 8 from its salvage contractor, Smit-Tak, on the feasibility of salvage of the Ehime Maru.

Civilian embarks aboard U.S. Pacific Fleet ships and submarines
The following data provides information on civilian embarks aboard U.S. Navy ships and submarines in the U.S. Pacific Fleet for 1999 and 2000.


> Court of Inquiry opening remarks (March 5)

> A full accounting of the USS Greeneville accident (March 5)

> Court of Inquiry to convene (March 4)

> Court of Inquiry Fact Sheet (March 4)

> Check-in procedures for Court of Inquiry coverage finalized (March 3)

> Meeting for media representatives on Court of Inquiry logistics (Feb. 27)

> Press conference held on Court of Inquiry procedures (Feb. 22)

> Court of Inquiry start date rescheduled (Feb. 22)

> Japan designates advisor to Court of Inquiry (Feb. 21)

> Court of Inquiry start date rescheduled (Feb. 20)

> Navy announces Court of Inquiry for Greeneville collision (Feb. 17)


> Ehime Maru families, Japanese leaders thank people of Hawaii (March 2)

> Media visit to submarine (March 1)

> Special Envoy answers questions from families (Feb. 28)

> Transcript of Adm. Fallon's press conference (Feb.28)

> Media pool observes survey operations (Feb. 27)

> Japanese salvage experts view U.S. Navy survey operations (Feb. 26)

> Media visit to submarine (Feb. 23)

> U.S. to send special envoy to Japan (Feb. 23)

> Salvage decision to be based on technical feasibility (Feb. 19)

> Additional repairs required to Scorpio II (Feb. 18)

> C-Commando returns to Pearl Harbor for repairs to Scorpio II (Feb. 17)

> Greeneville visitors' names released (Feb. 17)

> Pacific Commander Blair meets with His Excellency Seishiro Eto (Feb. 17)

> Advisory: Press Conference (Feb. 17)

> Scorpio II finds Ehime Maru (Feb. 16)

> Scorpio II deploys on Motor Vessel C-Commando (Feb. 16)

> Preliminary inquiry report received (Feb. 16)

> USS Greeneville to move to West Loch (Feb. 15)

> Description of Submarine Test and Trial Area (Feb. 15)

> Scorpio II to launch when weather permits (Feb. 14)

> U.S. Navy, Coast Guard news briefing held (Feb. 14)

> Navy commences search operation (Feb. 14)

> Underwater survey preparation (Feb. 12)

> Statement to Ehime Maru families (Feb. 11)

> Greeneville commanding officer reassigned (Feb. 10)

> Statement: Greeneville incident (Feb. 10)

> Response to questions on Greeneville incident (Feb. 10)

> USS Greeneville collides with Japanese fishing training vessel (Feb. 9)

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