Phoenix Cable Maintenance System

Information gathered from Smit-Oceaneering Cable Systems, L.L.C. Web site

The PHOENIX class Cable Maintenance System is a highly flexible and versatile ROV system designed specifically for Post-Lay Inspection and Burial (PLIB), cable cutting, cable retrieval, and other underwater manipulation tasks. The systems are able to work in adverse weather and sea current conditions and can handle a full range of needs providing superior burial capabilities in a wide range of sea bottom soil conditions.

The PHOENIX Cable Maintenance Systems are 125 horsepower ROVs with detachable 125 horsepower-jetting skids. They can bury up to 400 meters of cable per hour to a depth of 1.2 meters, in up to 2,500 meters of water.

Central to the jetting skid are its 4 pairs of jetting nozzles, 3 pairs of low-pressure nozzles for fluidizing low cohesive soils such as silt, sands, and weak/medium clays, and 1 pair of high-pressure nozzles for cutting stiffer clays.

The PHOENIX has 8 hydraulic thrusters for propulsion and maximum maneuverability. It is outfitted with 3 video cameras, lights, depth and heading sensors, manipulators and cutters. To locate and track the cable, it is equipped with a state-of-the-art INNOVATUM ULTRA Cable Location and Tracking System which employs 4 combination gradiometers and triaxial magnetometer sensors with computer, high-resolution graphics, and data storage.


Oceaneering International, Inc.

ROV Performance:

Rated Water Depth: 3,000 meters (Operating depth 2,5000 meters)
Lift Capacity (via vehicle): 670 kilograms (without additional buoyancy)
Payload: 225 kilograms (without additional buoyancy)
Propulsion: 8 Hydraulic Thrusters
2 axial
4 vertical
2 lateral
Forward Speed: 2.5 Knots/1.25 mps
Hydraulic Power: 125 Horsepower
Deployment Style: Knuckle - boom

ROV Instrumentation:

Sonar Simrad MS 900
Camera Suite:
Gemini SIT video camera on pan/tilt
HRC 2020 color camera on pan/tilt
ROS BW wide angle camera
Lights: 6 - 250 Watt Lights
Depth Sensor: Paroscientific Digi-quartz
Heading Sensor: Flux Gate Compass Engine & Dinsmore Compass
Manipulators: 2-RSI 7 Functional Manipulators
Abrasive wheel capable of cutting up to 76 mm cable
Hydraulic guillotine cutter

Jetting Skid:

Rated Water Depth: 3,000 meters (Operational 2,500 meters)
Power: 125 Horsepower hydraulic drive to water pump
Low-Pressure Nozzles:
Nozzles: 6 nozzles
Flow: 750 GPM/63 LPS @ 75 psi/1034 kPa
Orifice: Variable 13 mm to 26 mm
High-Pressure Nozzles:
Nozzles: 2 nozzles
Flow: 30 GPM/1.9 LPS @ 1,250 psi/8618 kPa
Cable Burial:
Depth: 1.2 meters
Soil Types: Up to 100 kPa
Burial Speed: Up to 400 meters/hour depending on soil type
Maximum diameter of burial: 350 mm

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