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11/11/2008 USNS Mercy Thanked in FSM Congressional Resolution
9/30/2008 Mercy Skipper Posts Final Weblog Entry
9/26/2008 Hospital ship returns from 4-month humanitarian deployment
9/23/2008 Mercy Returns Home from Pacific Partnership
9/15/2008ACB-1 Seabees Return from Pacific Partnership 2008
9/15/2008Mercy Completes 'Humbling but Motivating' Pacific Mission, Visits Guam
9/12/2008Pacific Partnership 2008: Mission Complete
9/4/2008Mercy Conducts Final Multinational Expert Exchange
9/2/2008Final Pacific Partnership Mission Renovates Schools, Treats More Than 17,000
9/2/2008Reminders of Long Relationship with U.S. Navy Abound in Chuuk
9/1/2008Seabees, Sailors Renovate Chuuk State Hospital
8/24/2008Ceremony Officially Marks Opening of Pacific Partnership in Micronesia
8/24/2008Preventive Medicine Takes on Mosquitoes in Southeast Asia
8/21/2008 Pacific Partnership Kicks-Off Final Mission in Micronesia
8/19/2008Mercy Scores Partnership Building in Soccer Game
8/18/2008San Diego Dental Students and Navy: Part of 'Global Team'
8/18/2008Chilean Doctor Finds 'Great Pride' as Pacific Partner
8/18/2008USNS Mercy Team Treats Over 25K in Papua New Guinea
8/17/2008Papua New Guinea Dental Students Train Aboard Mercy
8/17/2008Airman joins the Navy to bring smiles to Pacific Partnership mission
8/15/2008San Diego-based Relief Organization Joins Pacific Partnership
8/15/2008Pacific Partnership Team Provides Support to Busy Timor-Leste Clinic
8/14/2008Two Militaries Build Together in Papua New Guinea
8/14/2008New Zealanders Supporting Pacific Partnership 2008
8/13/2008Rescued Hiker Leaves Mercy: 'Long Live U.S. Navy'
8/11/2008U.S. Navy Rescues Gravely Ill Hiker From Papua New Guinea Jungle
8/11/2008 U.S. Navy Rescues Gravely Ill Hiker From Papua New Guinea Jungle
8/11/2008 Pacific Partnership Families Stay 'United Through Reading'
8/10/2008 USS Mercy is covered on the Sunday Chronicle
8/7/2008Pacific Fleet Band Performs for Papua New Guinea
8/6/2008Radiology Department Proves 'Insightful' to Humanitarian Mission
8/6/2008Mercy Celebrates 61st Birthday of Medical Service Corps
8/4/2008Mercy Arrives in Papua New Guinea, Continues Pacific Partnership 2008
8/2/2008Mercy's Oxygen Plant Breathes Life Into Ship's Mission
8/1/2008 Papua New Guinea Hospital Prepares for Pacific Partnership
8/1/2008 U.S. Public Health Service Supports Pacific Partnership
7/31/2008 Preventive Medicine Team Offers Sustained Help in Timor-Leste
7/31/2008 USNS Mercy Departs Darwin to Continue Pacific Partnership Deployment
7/28/2008 USNS Mercy arrives in Darwin for Pacific Partnership
7/26/2008 Pacific Partnership Treats Nearly 10,000, Departs Timor-Leste
7/26/2008 Combined Medical Team Cares for Indonesians Aboard Mercy
7/25/2008 Indonesian Navy Participates in Pacific Partnership 2008
7/24/2008 Pacific Partnership Reaches Remote Region in Timor-Leste
7/23/2008 Mercy Biomedical Techs Save Money, Improve Lives in Southeast Asia
7/22/2008Pacific Partnership Helps Build Futures in Timor-Leste
7/22/2008 International Soccer Game Makes Goal, Scores One for Peace
7/21/2008Music Brings Cultures Together During Pacific Partnership Performance
7/13/2008Pacific Partnership Continues Cultural Awareness
7/11/2008Mercy Launches Pacific Partnership in Timor-Leste
7/2/2008 USNS Mercy Prepared To Leave Vietnam After Their Visit, The First In 32 Years.
7/1/2008 USNS Mercy(T-AH 19) Surgeons Change the Lives of Vietnam Children
6/30/2008Mercy Team Makes Improvements to School and Health Clinic in Vietnam
6/29/2008Mercy, Pacific Partners Improve, Increase Dental Health
6/28/2008Pacific Partnership 2008 Cricket Match Draws International Crowd
6/27/2008USNS Mercy Provides Relief in Southeast Asia
6/27/2008Partnership Brings Plenty of Smiles in Vietnam
6/24/2008All 50 States Support Pacific Partnership Mission
6/24/2008Chef Trains Culinary Specialists Aboard Mercy
6/24/2008Mercy Mission Highlights Teamwork
6/23/2008Mercy Kicks Off Pacific Partnership in Vietnam
6/16/2008Mercy Mission Offers Hands-On Training
6/16/2008Pacific Partnership Ends Years of Darkness for Little Girl
Sailor Personally Recounts PP08 Mission
6/11/2008U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Mercy Continues Humanitarian Assistance
6/12/2008Wastewater Gets Treatment During Pacific Partnership
6/11/2008Teen to Walk Again Thanks to Pacific Partnership
6/6/2008 USNS Mercy Mission Forms Partnerships, Provides Medical Help
6/10/2008Prognosis: Joint Effort Needed to Treat Young Boy
6/10/2008Pacific Partnership Brings Smiles to Republic of Philippines
6/10/2008Teamwork Under Construction in the Philippines
6/9/2008JSOTF-P Veterinarians Team-up with AFP and USNS Mercy Volunteers to Treat Animals in the RP
6/5/2008Australian Dentist Sinks Teeth into Mercy Partnership Mission
6/2/2008All Aboard for Pacific Partnership's Mercy Blog
6/2/2008Australians Join Pacific Partnership 2008
5/30/2008Kadena medics deploy on Mercy mission
5/29/2008USNS Mercy Sailors Lend Helping Hand in Agat
5/28/2008Helping Others Nothing New for Sailors
5/27/2008Senior Chief Promotes "Child Watch 163" Aboard USNS Mercy
5/19/2008Pacific Partnership 2008 Top Story in Daily News Update
5/16/2008Seabees Underway for Pacific Partnership 2008
5/13/2008Mercy Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Navy Nurse Corps
5/2/2008USNS Mercy Deploys for Pacific Partnership 2008
4/30/2008Pacific Fleet Band Prepares for Pacific Partnership 2008
4/25/2008NMCB 133 Begins Deploying for Pacific Partnership 2008
3/31/2008Naval Hospital Oak Harbor Sends Sailors Off on Mercy Mission
3/1/2008NHB Staff Prep for Upcoming USNS Mercy Mission
1/31/2008Hospital Ship to Conduct Pacific Partnership 2008