U.S. Pacific Fleet protects and defends the maritime interests of the United States in the Indo-Asia-Pacific.

U.S. national leadership has focused the attention of government on rebalancing toward the Pacific and is prioritizing efforts across all of government and across all elements of national influence. The U.S. Navy will also rebalance our force structure and posture to ensure adequate resources are available to continue our leadership role of enhancing stability, and maritime security. The U.S. Pacific Fleet has developed enduring relationships with our regional Allies and partners based on mutual respect and trust. This trust has been earned by visibly demonstrating our commitment to Indo-Asia-Pacific through purposeful, forward presence. Our continuous presence underpins access to a free and secure global maritime common broadly benefiting the region and facilitating the economic prosperity of all nations.

Our Mission

The U.S. Pacific Fleet protects and defends the maritime interests of the United States in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. By providing combat-ready naval forces and operating forward in global areas of consequence, we enhance stability, promote maritime security and freedom of the seas, defend our homeland, deter aggression and when necessary, conduct decisive combat action against the enemy. In support of Pacific Command’s Theater Campaign Plan we will continue to work alongside our fellow Pacific Command Component Commanders to accomplish Pacific Command’s mission. We will collaborate and partner with U.S. Fleet Forces Command to ensure optimum warfighting capacity and capability. We are ready and able to execute our mission in the Indo-Asia-Pacific and around the world.

Our Vision

  • Lead America’s rebalance to the Pacific
  • Be a combat-ready Fleet, able to respond to any contingency when called

Guiding Principles

  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Assessment
  • Ethos and Integrity
  • Bold, Credible Leadership

Strategic Imperatives

  • Be ready to fight tonight
  • Posture forward, ready to respond
  • Demonstrate and reinforce commitment to international norms
  • Foster cooperation to address regional challenges
  • Assure region of U.S. Pacific Fleet resilience

Lines of Operation

  1. Joint/Fleet operations and credible forward presence
  2. Warfighting readiness: man, train, equip and maintain
  3. Advance regional partnerships and alliances
  4. Value our people and their families
  5. Professional execution which underpins safety and exemplary personal conduct
  6. Organizational coherence and excellence

Harry B. Harris, Jr.
Admiral, U.S. Navy
18 October 2013