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The Inspector General Hotline Program identifies and eliminates fraud, waste, and inefficiencies in the operation of the U.S. Navy. To be effective, the program requires all personnel to be vigilant against the possibility of illegal or improper acts, and to report them to the chain of command or an inspector general.

The inspector general investigates matters involving:

  • Abuse of authority/position
  • Bribes/kickbacks/acceptance of gratuities
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Ethics violations
  • False official statements/claims
  • Fraud/travel fraud (TDY and TAD)
  • Gifts (improper receipt or giving)
  • Improper referral for mental health evaluations (only as a reprisal action; NOT procedural violations)
  • Mismanagement/organization oversight (significant cases)
  • Misuse of official time, government property, position and public office
  • Political activities
  • Procurement issues
  • Purchase card/travel card abuse
  • Reprisal (military whistleblower protection)
  • Systemic problems
  • Time and attendance (significant violations)
  • Waste (gross)
  • Intelligence oversight (QIA or S/HSM)

We encourage you to submit the allegation(s) in writing using the Hotline Complaint Form found on this website via email, fax, or mail. Our experience has shown that written complaints are more organized, provide more details, and are less emotional.

Classified Complaints: Reports of violations - such as unauthorized disclosures of classified information, Questionable Intelligence Activity (QIA), Significant or Highly Sensitive Matter (S/HSM), or security compromise - should be reported via secure means. To submit this type of complaint, contact the USPACFLT Fleet IG at (808) 471-9064 for submission guidance.

We will evaluate your complaint and request more information, if necessary. If we conduct an investigation, you will be interviewed and will be able to provide additional information and documents at that time.

The inspector general reserves the right to decline to investigate any matter brought to our attention.

You should first attempt to resolve problems using the chain of command and other local resources. If these attempts fail, however, you may follow the 4-Step Hotline Complaint Procedure.

Contact the USPACFLT Fleet Inspector General Hotline

(808) 471-9981
(315) 471-9981
(808) 471-4730
JBPHH HI 96860-3131


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