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The Department of the Navy (DON)’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program provides Navy and Marine Corps employees and management alternatives to formal administrative procedures and litigation to the maximum extent practical.

What is ADR?

ADR is a process used for parties or groups in conflict. It involves a third-party neutral who will guide parties towards open communication and resolution. EEO complaints, grievances and non-EEO workplace disputes can be addressed through the ADR process.

Forms of ADR

Two forms of ADR are generally used in PACFLT:

  • Mediation is a process in which a neutral person facilitates discussions between two or more parties to help them arrive at a resolution of the dispute. This form of ADR is used primarily for resolving EEO complaints and grievances.
  • Group facilitation is a process that incorporates aspects of mediation, such as using a neutral third party to help groups in conflict work though differences. This form of ADR is often used in situations in which personnel are not working as a team. The groups can be comprised of employees only, supervisors only or a combination of both.

Potential outcomes of ADR

ADR can:

  • Streamline processes;
  • Increase likelihood of accelerated resolution;
  • Improve working relationships;
  • Mend uncomfortable working environments; and
  • Save time and money for all parties.
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