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Commander’s Guidance to the Fleet

Our mission remains clear:  safeguard America’s interests by projecting a powerful force across the maritime domain with persistent naval presence to ensure regional stability and national security. New challenges and shifts in the security landscape demand agility, heightened readiness, and operational excellence. These qualities allow us to dominate any fight, any time and are in no small part due to our greatest strength:  our people.

Dominate Any Fight, Anytime

The driver in all we do is to ensure our naval force has the combat lethality and capabilities to take the fight to any enemy and win. Succeeding in crisis and conflict demands a bias for action, the constant drive for excellence, and continued vigilance. Flawless execution of the basics is the foundation. We build on that by constantly pushing ourselves tactically and operationally as a team of teams, and this requires strong Navy-wide collaboration, teaming with the Marines, and seamless integration with the rest of the joint and combined force. This translates into readiness to execute any mission, anywhere, anytime.

Enduring Partnerships

Our strength is not measured solely by military might. Security in the Pacific is a shared endeavor, and our partnerships are not mere words on paper; they are bonds formed by shared experiences and a mutual commitment to a secure Indo-Pacific. We will conduct impactful combined exercises, share best practices, and maintain open communication. Together we will operate as a joint and combined force of like-minded nations deterring aggression and promoting lasting peace.

Our Greatest Strength - Our People

Our greatest strength is our people. Our extraordinary team of Sailors, Marines, and Civilians underpin our effectiveness. Cooperation, teamwork, and treating all teammates with respect and fairness are nonnegotiable standards. A happy, healthy force with a strong support systems translates directly to a resilient and high-performing team. Families and communities last forever - Take care of them.
Together, we will face every challenge with courage, commitment, and resolve.


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