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Commander’s Guidance to the Fleet

The Indo-Pacific is DoD’s priority theater, and the U.S. Pacific Fleet is the largest force in our Nation’s front line against revisionist actors in the region. Working as one team, we will support the international community, protect U.S. national security, and defend our fundamental values.

Security Environment

Strategic competition with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) will determine whether the region continues to thrive under the rules-based international system that has been a pillar of security and well-being for the past century, or whether a zero-sum authoritarian model replaces it. Russia’s threatening military force in its near abroad and undermining of legitimate governments and institutions, North Korea’s nuclear weapons development and unpredictability, and attacks by violent extremist organizations further complicate the security environment.

Mission Statement

U.S. Pacific Fleet builds and persistently employs dynamic naval combat power, supported by the Joint Force in the maritime domain, in order to defend U.S. interests throughout the lndo-Pacific Region and the homeland, demonstrate advantage in the maritime domain, and enhance U.S. alliances and partnerships. On order, U.S. Pacific Fleet will conduct decisive combat operations in order to defeat any adversary.


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