Freedom of Information Act Reading Room

USS Fort Worth Combining Gear Casualty

Commander, CSG-15 Wrongful Computer Use

USS Chancellorsville Drone Strike

U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels)

HSC-6 MH-60S Mishap

USS Guardian Grounding

Annual Reports

Silver Strand Training Complex Underwater Detonation

Collision of Marine AH-1W and Coast Guard C-130

What are the FOIA exemptions?

  • Exemption (b)(1) - National Security Information
  • Exemption (b)(2) - Internal Personnel Rules and Practices
  • "High" (b)(2) - Substantial internal matters, disclosure would risk circumvention of a legal requirement
  • "Low" (b)(2) - Internal matters that are essentially trivial in nature.
  • Exemption (b)(3) - Information exempt under other laws
  • Exemption (b)(4) - Confidential Business Information
  • Exemption (b)(5) - Inter or intra agency communication that is subject to deliberative process, litigation, and other privileges
  • Exemption (b)(6) - Personal Privacy
  • Exemption (b)(7) - Law Enforcement Records that implicate one of 6 enumerated concerns
  • Exemption (b)(8) - Financial Institutions
  • Exemption (b)(9) - Geological Information

Northwest Training Range Complex (EIS/OEIS)

USS George Washington Fire Investigation

USS San Francisco Submerged Grounding Investigation

Grounding Investigation pages

USS Greeneville Collision Investigation

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