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Operation Damayan 7th Fleet Update

20 November 2013

From U.S. 7th Fleet Public Affairs

USS Ashland and USS Germantown arrived in the vicinity of Tacloban Nov. 20, as encouraging signs are continuing to be seen that ground routes are opening significantly for delivery by trucks instead of helicopters.

YOKOSUKA, Japan - Here is the Nov. 20 Seventh Fleet update for Operation Damayan.

USS Ashland and USS Germantown arrived this morning and are in vicinity of Tacloban.

We continue to see encouraging signs that ground routes are opening significantly for delivery by trucks instead of helicopters. Ground transportation is much more efficient and can transport a greater load of supplies over the long term. Over the first few days during our initial emergency response a vast majority of transport was carried via helicopter, while now we see almost 90 percent of relief supplies going by truck.

  • Flight Hours Flown: 135 hours flown yesterday for 792 total
  • Water Delivered: Still calculating for 20 Nov.
  • Food, medical and dry goods delivered: 22,000 pounds yesterday for 345,000 pounds total
  • Passengers transported: 147 yesterday for 889 total
  • We are concentrating a majority of our remaining efforts in Samar/Guiuan, which continues to be the hub for supply transport. We are flying a number of missions to transport Republic of Philippine police, military and emergency personnel but a majority of supplies are now being carried by truck.

    South of Tacloban in the Leyte Gulf/Tacloban area we are focusing about 35 percent of our efforts. In Ormoc Bay we have seen almost all roads back open and supplies being carried by truck. Helicopter transport has not been needed to a great extent there.

    USS Freedom (LCS 1) is enroute to deliver supplies to support Operation Damayan. She has one helicopter onboard.

    All support the U.S. Navy provides is part of the broader U.S. Government effort to support the Philippines’ request for humanitarian assistance.

    Dock Landing Ship (LSD) Ship Facts:


  • 3 Landing Craft Air Cushion– 60 ton load capable
  • 2 Landing Craft Utility
  • Flight Deck w/ 4 Helo spots
  • 850 Marines
  • Water production: 72,000 gal/day
  • 5 tactical water purification kits – 1,500 gal/hour each
  • Medical Contingent

  • 2 Doctors
  • 2 Dentists
  • 22 Corpsmen
  • 16 beds in wards, with 4 isolation beds
  • 1 X-ray machine
  • 1 General Surgeon
  • 1 Nurse Anesthetist
  • 1 OR Nurse
  • 1 Surgical Tech
  • 1 ICU Corpsman
  • Transportation / Engineering

  • 5 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats
  • 14 Amphibious Vehicles (AAVs)
  • 8 Dump Trucks
  • 30 multi purpose HMMWV (Humvees)
  • 20 7 Ton 10Ft Bed Trucks
  • 4 7 Ton Longbed Trucks
  • 6 600 Gallon Fuel Tanks
  • 12 10Klb Forklifts with Buckets (TRAM)
  • 2 5Klb Forklift
  • 1 Tow Truck
  • 12 Inflatable Boats (CRRC)
  • 3 Bull Dozers
  • 6 M105 Pull Behind Trailers for HUMVEE
  • 21 generators (8 MEP806s, 5 MEP805, 6 MEP803s)
  • Water and MREs

  • 40,000 MREs
  • 9 Water Tank Trailers, 440 gal water storage capacity, 2200 gal water distribution capability
  • 2 Water Tanks - 600 gal water storage capacity, 1200 gal water distribution capability
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