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U.S. Sailors Recognized by Yokosuka Police Department

14 November 2012

From Commander Naval Forces Japan Public Affairs

Three Sailors assigned to units in Yokosuka were recognized during a ceremony Nov. 14 for their role during shore patrol and contributions to police activities.

YOKOSUKA, Japan - Three Sailors assigned to units at Fleet Activities Yokosuka were recognized during a ceremony Nov. 14 at the Yokosuka Police Station for their role during shore patrol and contributions to police activities.

During the ceremony Master-at-Arms 1st Class Tom Dary, assigned to Commander U.S. 7th Fleet, Ship's Serviceman 1st Class Michael Tolentino, assigned to USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) and Maj. Steven Sablan, assigned Commander Naval Forces Japan received recognition from Yokosuka Police Station Senior Superintendent Satoshi Matsukawa for their actions in intervening during a crime while on shore patrol earlier this year. Sablan received the award on behalf of Ensign Tim Jurgens, who has since transferred to a new duty assignment.

Tolentino said that during the ceremony Matsukawa not only recognized the actions of the three watch standers but also the actions of Yokosuka Sailors who support doing the right thing day in and day out.

"He really appreciates [shore patrol] and is looking forward to being more involved with us and making the community safer," said Tolentino.

For Dary, who has stood several shore patrol duty assignments during his tour, says this recognition helped express that the cooperation between the Yokosuka city and the U.S. Navy exists to make the community safe for everyone.

"I'm very honored to be recognized by the Yokosuka Police Department for my actions while on shore patrol. It goes a long way toward showing how important it is to cooperate and work together with the Japanese authorities," said Dary.

While Dary was very humble over the recognition, he says it's all about doing the right thing.

Each night Sailors from various commands stand hours of duty patrolling the streets of Yokosuka looking out for each other while also maintaining peace among the streets. While their role is not designed to solely intervene with Japanese-related incidents, as Dary explains, when they see something wrong they intervene as good Sailors should do.

"This award is in recognition of what I truly feel was just me doing my job. As I tell my Sailors, it's always best to do the right thing and uphold their core values in any situation," said Dary. "I just really want the Japanese people to know that the U.S. Sailors here in Japan really do care about this country and its people."

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