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Pacific Fleet Sailor Shines on IA Tour

05 July 2011

From Spc. Kelly Gary, on The Wire

A Pacific Fleet Sailor, Intelligence Specialist 3rd Class Valli Doiron, is recognized for her hard work and dedication.

GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba (July 5, 2011) - As a small town girl, Intelligence Specialist 3rd Class Valli Doiron dreamt of seeing new places and traveling the world. At the same time, she wanted the opportunity to serve the military and her country. Two years after enlisting in the Navy, Doiron traveled to Guantanamo Bay as an Individual Augmentee and immediately impressed her superiors with her hard work and positive attitude.

IS1 Sharron Carter, Doiron's lead petty officer, noted how quickly she adapted and what an asset she proved to be.

"When she got here she hit the ground running," he said. "She did way more than anyone expected," he remembered.

Doiron does her best with everything she is tasked with but, she said being low on the totem pole can be a challenge. Being lower-enlisted is a difficult time for anyone in their career but Doiron hopes she can excel in ranks so as to accomplish more.

"She works hard, from the time she gets there to the time she leaves," said Carter.

Doiron ties her accomplishments and motivation to her sense of honor. Honor is one of the three Navy core values and, for Doiron, it is the basis for courage and commitment.

"If you don't have honor for yourself or for your country you are not going to have the courage to move forward," said Doiron. "If you don't have honor, you are not going to be committed."

Doiron has shown that she is dedicated to the Navy and her job here, but also to the community as well. She serves as a Sexual Assault Recovery and Prevention representative.

"She is not only an asset to me but also to Guantanamo Bay as a whole," said Carter.

When not working, Doiron enjoys reading and spending time outdoors. She dreams of traveling the world and excelling at whatever career path she may follow. Doiron said she is planning on reenlisting and would like to eventually make chief petty officer. Her boss believes no matter what course Doiron takes it will be one of success.

"I see her going wherever she wants to go," said Carter. "She has the potential and drive to be whatever she wants to be in life, be it here in the military world or the civilian world."

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