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Navy’s water distribution system sample test results show no contamination above DOH Environmental Action Level

16 December 2021

From Navy Region Hawaii Public Affairs

The Navy has posted cumulative test results of samples taken since Nov. 29 throughout its water distribution system.

PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii - The Navy posted today cumulative test results of samples taken since Nov. 29 throughout its water distribution system, and no results showed detectable contamination above the Hawaii Department of Health’s Environmental Action Level (EAL)

The test results can be found at

Navy leadership is making water sample testing information available to ensure service members and their families, residents, elected officials, and government agencies have full access to data related to Navy water services on Oahu. Data in the spreadsheet show the results of daily water testing and is the same data the Navy provides to the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) when the Navy receives the results from the labs.

The Navy uses a contractor to collect daily water samples from key locations (i.e. – shafts/wells, major distribution lines, etc.) across the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH) water distribution system. These samples are sent to the mainland for testing of petroleum products by third party certified laboratories. The highly accurate test results are reported to the parts per billion level and assessed to ensure compliance with regulatory EALs. The DOH has also started taking samples for mainland testing. Any results in the distribution system exceeding DOH EALs will trigger a rapid notification of all regulatory agencies.

Additionally, the Navy is also collecting an average of 60 daily samples from points throughout the distribution system. These samples are tested in the Navy operated laboratory on JBPHH. One quarter of the samples are collected from the same location each day to look for trends, and the remaining locations are determined by daily calls to the JBPHH Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Priority is given to high visibility locations such as, but not limited to, previously unreported areas, Child Development Centers, schools, barracks/dorms, and dining facilities. Test results are available within one day, but these results are not as sensitive as results that the mainland labs can provide. The lab results from the mainland will inform a full return to service; Navy lab results provide an initial look.

The Navy continues to work closely with DOH, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other stakeholders to identify and remedy the issue, and restore safe drinking water to the community.

More information for those impacted by the water issue can be found at

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