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Deputy Secretary of Defense statement following visit to the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility

14 December 2021
Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Kathleen Hicks released a statement today concerning the ongoing water situation.

I touched down in Hawaii late last night and the first thing I did this morning was head right to Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility.

I spent nearly two hours with a team, in the tunnels, to gain a better understanding as to what happened and what can be done.

I also had the opportunity to meet with three military families and hear from them, first hand, how this has impacted their lives as well as the greater community.

Additionally, I met with Governor Ige, Senator Hirono, Senator Schatz, Representative Case, Representative Kahele, and state health officials.

At DoD, we recognize the need to continue to care for all affected personnel and their families and help them return to their homes in a safe and expeditious manner.

We also recognize we need to double down on our efforts to earn the trust and confidence of the people of Hawaii in our ability to manage this situation.

And even though the Navy is leading our efforts, solving this problem will require all of us in DoD and across the Services to be rowing in the same direction.

I will be briefing Secretary Austin on my visit, and the Secretary and I will be working closely with Department leadership to ensure appropriate senior leader attention remains focused on this problem.

I am committed to ensuring the health and well-being for our Service Members, their families, the people of Hawaii, and the environment.

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