May 17, 2018

Sexual assault is a crime and destroys trust, divides teams and degrades operational effectiveness. My standard is zero tolerance of sexual assault. I direct leaders, at all levels, to take action to prevent all forms of sexual assault, protect and support victims, investigate allegations of sexual assault quickly and thoroughly, hold offenders accountable as appropriate, and ensure a safe and healthy environment for those in their charge.

Commanders shall notify the Pacific Fleet Battle Watch Captain of any sexual assault incident and provide assessments of their prevention and response efforts in accordance with published guidelines. They will monitor their command climate with respect to sexual assault and the continuum of sexual harm and ensure a response capability is available at all locations within the Pacific Fleet. Treat victims with fairness and respect and give sexual assault incidents the highest priority by treating them as emergency cases. Aggressive and sustained measures shall be taken to not only prevent sexual assault, but in the unfortunate event of an incident, to provide prompt, victim-centered care for victims of sexual assault. I expect all Commanders to implement and enforce a strong bystander intervention program within their commands. Finally, I expect leaders to promote and lead organizations free of retaliation against survivors of, and those who report incidents of sexual assault.

All personnel are responsible for cultivating a climate of trust and professionalism, intolerant of sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexism. Commanders shall comply with all sexual assault prevention requirements in accordance with established Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, and Navy policies.

This policy reinforces my commitment to sexual assault prevention and response. I ask everyone to look out for and take care of each other. Shipmates looking after Shipmates is the best Shore Patrol. We must all be vigilant in our responsibilities to report and prevent this unacceptable conduct. I will not allow sexual assault to injure our personnel, our friends, and our families, destroy our professional values, or compromise our readiness. Know your part, do your part, to stop sexual assault.