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I am committed to maintaining a culture of safety at U.S. Pacific Fleet. We operate every day in complex, dynamic, and inherently dangerous environments. I expect personnel to be safe from workplace hazards and able to freely recognize and report unsafe or unhealthy working conditions. I ask you to do everything you can to mitigate unnecessary risk to yourself and for those around you.

Human error, distraction, non-compliance with procedures, complacency, unidentified hazards, and unmitigated risks are critical vulnerabilities. My goal is to develop a fleet-wide culture of proactive and predictive risk management that reduces preventable mishaps and safety-related incidents by countering human error and offsetting our vulnerabilities with defense-in-depth. Operational Risk Management shall be embedded into our planning processes both on and off duty.

We must all foster a culture that identifies hazards and anticipates errors. Error is inherent in our nature as humans. I seek to establish a culture that recognizes this inherent human condition and raises as a virtue identifying, accepting, and correcting error in ourselves and each other. We musl maintain vigilance and encourage everyone to report near misses and mishaps to learn as an organization. Implement controls such as effective communication, proper supervision, attention to detail, proper use of checklists, and the use of personal protective equipment to establish an effective defense-in-depth. Execution of these basics is the cornerstone of our ability to preserve our force.

Commanders shall establish and maintain a comprehensive and all-encompassing safety program, managing risk while maintaining combat readiness and striving to eliminate preventable mishaps. Preserving the safety and health of our personnel shall be among our highest goals. Our culture must reflect our commitment to drive the number of mishaps and safety-related incidents as low as possible. Your active leadership in sustaining safety success will continue to make a difference in our combat readiness.

Safety is the duty of every Sailor, uniformed and civilian. I direct that all hands fully support and follow the Department of Navy’s safety policies and initiatives.


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