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U.S. Pacific Fleet Band appears at a variety of public and civic events. The band performs throughout the year across Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet’s 100 million square mile area of responsibility. Invitations to perform at patriotic ceremonies, holiday observances and other public events are welcomed.

Events the band cannot support

When performing at a public event, the U.S. Pacific Fleet Band will follow Department of Defense rules on community relations activities.

The band cannot endorse (or appear to endorse) any non-Federal event, product, service or organization, and also cannot participate in promotional events, fundraising activities, political campaigns or membership drives.

The band generally cannot perform background, dinner, dance or social music.

Usually, only one military band or choir may perform at an event. Cancellation of a performance if more than one of these units are scheduled.

Admission to your event

Events must be open to the public and must not discriminate based on a protected class.

Admission must be free, or band participation must be incidental to the entire event.

Facility requirements

As an event sponsor, you must provide:

  • A map and directions to the performance site.
  • Parking and loading zones near the performance site. Each ensemble has different vehicle requirements.
  • A clean, dry, level and stable performance area.
  • Two dressing rooms or changing areas. Separate changing areas must be provided for men and women. Both changing areas must be clean and dry. Restrooms and locker rooms are not acceptable changing areas.
  • Access to drinking water before and after the performance.

Additional requirements may exist, depending on which ensemble is performing at your event. Most ensembles require electricity near the performance area. Some need clean, armless chairs for band members. The U.S. Pacific Fleet Band operations department can provide details.

When to submit your request

Please submit your request as early as possible. Requests are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Scheduled performances will usually be confirmed no earlier than 60 days before the event.

Fees and expenses

No fees are charged to perform at public events, but the band can only perform if there isn’t an additional cost to the government.


All scheduled performances are subject to cancellation at any time by Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet.


  • 10 USC § 974 - Military musical units and musicians: performance policies; restriction on performance in competition with local civilian musicians
  • DoD Directive 5410.18 - Public Affairs Community Relations Policy
  • DoD Instruction 5410.19 - Public Affairs Community Relations Policy Implementation
  • SECNAVINST 5720.44C - Department of the Navy Public Affairs Policy and Regulations

U.S. Pacific Fleet Band


When performing at a public event, the U.S. Pacific Fleet Band will follow Department of Defense rules on community relations activities. These guidelines are not all inclusive; if you have any questions whether or not your event is eligible for military band support, please contact band operations.

To submit your completed request form, or if you have questions, please contact the U.S. Pacific Fleet Band’s operations department.



(808) 474-3693

Mailing address

U.S. Pacific Fleet Band
380 Neville Way
Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-4910

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