Date Description Location
October 16, 2013 Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet Change of Command Pearl Harbor
October 9, 2013 Royal Australian Navy’s Sea Power Conference Sydney, Australia
October 1, 2013 Honolulu International Forum Honolulu, Hawaii
September 13, 2013 Pacific Region Chief Petty Officer Pinning Ceremony Pearl Harbor
September 10, 2013 Commander, Naval Forces Korea Change of Command Seoul, South Korea
September 2, 2013 68th Anniversary of the End of World War II Pearl Harbor
August 23, 2013 Recruit Training Command Graduation Great Lakes, Illinois
August 7, 2013 Commander, Submarine Pacific Change of Command Pearl Harbor
July 11, 2013 Pacific Missile Range Facility Change of Command Kekaha, Hawaii
July 10, 2013 Commander, Navy Region Hawaii Change of Command Pearl Harbor
June 25, 2013 The 63rd Korean War Commemoration National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific
June 20, 2013 Rear Admiral Patrick Driscoll’s Retirement Ceremony Arizona Memorial
June 7, 2013 71st Anniversary of the Battle of Midway Pearl Harbor
June 3, 2013 Commander, U.S. Third Fleet Change of Command San Diego, California
May 21, 2013 West Loch Disaster Commemoration Honolulu, Hawaii
May 18, 2013 Alpha Phi Alpha Inc. Black and Gold Ball Honolulu, Hawaii
May 10, 2013 Fleet Master Chief John Minyard’s Retirement Ceremony Honolulu, Hawaii
May 4, 2013 USS Anchorage Commissioning Anchorage, Alaska
April 12, 2013 Sailor of the Year Luncheon Honolulu, Hawaii
March 26, 2013 Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition Langkawi, Malaysia
March 15, 2013 CWO4 William Roberts’s Retirement Virgina Beach, Virginia
March 8, 2013 Seabee Birthday Ball Honolulu, Hawaii
March 4, 2013 Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) and Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) Luncheon Honolulu, Hawaii
February 28, 2013 Individual Augmentation (IA) Luncheon Honolulu, Hawaii
February 22, 2013 Address to the Graduates of Republic of Korea Naval Academy Jinhae, South Korea
January 30, 2013 AFCEA West 13 San Diego, California
December 7, 2012 71st Anniversary Pearl Harbor Day Commemoration Pearl Harbor
November 16, 2012 Wounded Warrior Pacific Trials Pearl Harbor
October 20, 2012 Commander U.S. Naval Forces, Korea Navy Birthday Ball Seoul, South Korea
October 13, 2012 Navy Officer’s Birthday Ball Honolulu, Hawaii
October 12, 2012 Ringing of the Bells Ceremony Pearl Harbor
October 4, 2012 Commander, Naval Air Forces Change of Command San Diego, California
September 14, 2012 Pacific Region Chief Petty Officer Pinning Ceremony Pearl Harbor
August 10, 2012 Commander, Submarine Development Squadron 5 Change of Command Keyport, Washington
August 7, 2012 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
August 5, 2012 Address to the Palau National Congress Palau
July 19, 2012 Change of Command for Commander, Naval Surface Forces Pacific San Diego, California
July 16, 2012 LEMHANNAS RI (National Resilience Institute of The Republic of Indonesia) Jakarta, Indonesia
June 19, 2012 Pacific Partnership Opening Ceremony Calbayog City, Philippines
June 4, 2012 Battle of Midway Midway Atoll
May 28, 2012 Memorial Day Pearl Harbor
April 28, 2012 Naval Post Graduate School Submarine Officer’s Ball Monterey, California
April 14, 2012 SUBPAC Submarine Officer’s Ball Pearl Harbor
March 30, 2012 Sailor of the Year Luncheon Honolulu, Hawaii
January 20, 2012 U.S. Pacific Fleet Change of Command Honolulu, Hawaii